Claudia Bassols: Knightfall (Netflix)

Date - 18 February, 2019, All News Television

Claudia Bassols plays series regular Queen Elena in historical drama Knightfall for A&E Studios.

The ten part epic is now showing on Netflix

Knightfall produced by Jeremy Renner, with Douglas Mackinnon (Outlander) serving as the main director. It chronicles the mysterious but true accounts of the Knights Templar, the elite warriors of the Crusades. It delves into the great secrets protected by the Templars and tells the story of faith, loyalty and brotherhood that help sustain these warriors on the battlefield, and the dark events that would forever sear the infamous date of Friday the 13th into the world’s psyche.


Claudia played Queen Elena in the series Knightfall for A&E Studios and the History Channel.

She was the co-lead in the Rob Scheider CBS series Rob and co-star alongside Gwyneth Paltrow in the TV series Spain...On The Road Again.

In Spain she has starred in their most renowned TV series, including Amar en tiempos revueltos, El mundo de Chema, C.L.A. no somas angeles, Mis adorables vecinos, La Riera and Gavilanes.

Notable Feature Films include Full Love opposite Jean-Claude Van Damme; Suki Singh's Emulsion; Todor Cahpkanov's Vampyre Nation and One in the Chamber opposite Academy Award Winner Cuba Gooding Jr.

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