• Daniel Adegboyega: Transformers 5

    Transformers: The Last Knight

    DANIEL ADEGBOYEGA has joined the cast of Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth and final instalment of the hugely successful movie franchise from visionary director Michael Bay.

  • Waleed Elgadi – RSC Rome Season

    RSC Rome Season

    WALEED ELGADI in the RSC's Rome Season, with roles in Julius Caesar, Antony & Cleopatra, and Dido Queen Of Carthage.

  • Sarah Amankwah begins rehearsals for Amadeus (National Theatre)

    Amadeus (National Theatre)

    SARAH AMANKWAH (left) continues her run at the National Theatre in Amadeus.

  • Paul Nicholas: The Real Marigold Hotel

    Real Marigold Hotel

    PAUL NICHOLAS joins a cast of celebrities for the second series of hit travel documentary The Real Marigold Hotel on BBC One.

  • Rick Bacon: Guerrilla (Sky Atlantic)


    RICK BACON plays Westerley in Guerrilla for Sky Atlantic and Showtime.

  • Nadine Mulkerrin: Cleo McQueen in Hollyoaks


    NADINE MULKERRIN continues her hugely popular role as Cleo McQueen in Hollyoaks.

  • David Avery: The Night Manager

    The Night Manager

    DAVID AVERY (right) stars in The Night Manager, based on John le Carré's best-selling novel. Following critical acclaim and significant viewing figures on BBC One, it will next hit US audiences on AMC.

  • Haruka Abe: Emerald City

    Emerald City

    HARUKA ABE plays Po in upcoming 10-part fantasy series Emerald City for NBC.

  • Akin Gazi: Prison Break

    Prison Break

    AKIN GAZI joins the cast of the much anticipated new season of Prison Break for Fox. He will play the role of Omar across the fifth season.

  • Sally Ann Matthews returns to Coronation Street

    Coronation Street

    SHELLEY KING plays Yasmin Nazeer while SALLY ANN MATTHEWS returns to the cobbles as troublemaker Jenny Bradley.


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Sally Ann Matthews

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Susannah Wise

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Maya Stojan

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Tamar Novas

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Laura Christensen

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Sainou Youth

Polly Allen | Sainou Talent Agency, London

Sainou Youth


Sainou Youth

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Sainou Youth

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Sainou Youth

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Graham Bickley

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Oliver Llewellyn-Jenkins

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Lisa Greenwood

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Sarah Amankwah

Coronation Street

Shelley King

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Lucy Hind

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Latest News

Daniel Adegboyega: Save Me

18 April, 2017 - 1 week ago Daniel Adegboyega | Sainou Talent Agency London

Daniel Adegboyega plays series regular Bertram in Sky Atlantic drama Save Me.

From World Productions, the company behind award-winning Line of Duty, Save Me is created and written by Lennie James (Critical, The Walking Dead) and directed by BAFTA winner Nick Murphy (Occupation, The Last Kingdom). James, who wrote award-winning drama Storm Damage, also stars in the series with BAFTA winner Suranne Jones and Stephen Graham.


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Rick Bacon: Guerrilla (Sky Atlantic)

13 April, 2017 - 2 weeks ago

Rick Bacon plays Westerley in major new series Guerrilla for Sky Atlantic and Showtime, Oscar winner John Ridley’s story of two lovers taking a stand amid the racial struggle of 1970s London.

A politically active couple are tested while trying to form a radical underground cell in 1970s London, an explosive time in the U.K. Marcus and Jas decide to fight back against the injustice and prejudice that they face on a daily basis, with their ultimate target being the Black Power Desk, a secretive counter-intelligence unit within the Special Branch. What they don’t realize is they have caught the attention of authorities, with officer Nicholas Pence and his deputy leading the investigation of Marcus and Jas, whose actions have lasting consequences.


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David Avery – Troy: Fall of a City (BBC/Netflix)

3 April, 2017 - 3 weeks ago David Avery | Sainou Talent Agency London

David Avery will star as series regular Xanthius in David Farr’s (The Night Manager) visceral eight-part retelling of the fall of Troy.

An epic tale of mortals and gods, David Farr’s psychologically rich and sweeping narrative goes back to the story’s origins: to the judgement of Paris, his scandalous love affair with Helen, and the ill-starred prophecy surrounding his birth.


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Akin Gazi: Prison Break

2 April, 2017 - 3 weeks ago Akin Gazi | Sainou Talent Agency London (c) Luke Pajak

Akin Gazi plays new character Omar across the much anticipated new series of Prison Break for FOX.

Prison Break concluded for a time in 2009; this new season sees the action pick up with most of the core cast returning.


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Rosie Knightley: The White Princess for Starz

1 April, 2017 - 3 weeks ago Rosie Knightley | Sainou Talent Agency London (c) John Godwin

Rosie Knightley will play the role of Anne across the series of The White Princess for Starz, which will premiere on the 16th April 2017.

The White Princess concludes the story of England’s War of the Roses and charts the rise of the House of Tudor through the tortuous marriage between Princess Elizabeth of York and King Henry Tudor. The year is 1485 and Princess Elizabeth, daughter of “The White Queen,” has been pledged in marriage to the newly anointed King Henry Tudor in hopes that it will bring peace to a war-torn country. England is united, but their marriage is soon divided, as rumors circulate that Elizabeth’s long-lost brother Prince Richard is alive and planning to take the throne. Now she must choose between Tudor wife and York princess, between her new husband and the boy who claims to be her own blood and the true heir to the crown.


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