Shane O’Meara shoots Wifey Redux

Date - 1 June, 2015, All News Film
Shane O'Meara | Sainou Talent Agency London

Shane O’Meara plays Young Jonathan in Wifey Redux which is currently shooting in Dublin. Robert McKeon directs.

The story of the Prendergast family is told by patriarch Jonathan (Played by Aidan McArdle), who goes on to paint a picture of domestic bliss by recounting the early days of his amorous marriage to his teenage sweetheart Saoirse (Played by Angeline Ball) , the joy of the arrival of his perfect, beautiful daughter Ellie, and the tranquil, happy,and plush home that they settle into as a family.

Cracks begin to emerge in Jonathan’s story, and sanity, however, when Ellie, who has blossomed into a perfect teenage facsimile of her mother, brings home a handsome, athletic, boyishly charming new boyfriend, Aodhan McAdam, who not only wins Ellie’s affection, but Saoirse’s as well. Overcome with emotion over this newfound interloper, Jonathan has one goal: to get Aodhan out.


Irish born actor Shane O'Meara is perhaps best known as troublesome Connor Mulgrew in popular British drama Waterloo Road on BBC One.

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