Rick Bacon shoots The Driver

Date - 14 January, 2014, All News Television

Rick Bacon shoots the role of Isaac in The Driver, a new 3-part drama for BBC One created by Danny Brocklehurst and Jim Poyser.

The Driver paints a vivid portrait of a world where the ordinary collides with the extraordinary, as one man swaps his humdrum, grief stricken life for excitement, glamour and money. It’s a three part serial with an epic battle for one man’s soul at its core: in a world of moral uncertainties, can a man remain good whilst doing bad?

Straddling dual worlds, the show has two story engines to keep us engaged throughout the series: Vince’s (David Morrissey) ever-deepening involvement in the world of serious crime and his complicated domestic life, at the heart of which lies the mystery of his absent son, Tim. Vince needs a distraction away from the tensions of family life. The unspoken resentment and anger between Vince & his wife Ros as they blame each other for the disappearance of Tim is unbearable. This world of crime, not only helps him financially but injects excitement into his monotonous life. But as Vince is drawn deeper and deeper into a life of crime and the tension between his two lives grows more acute, he has to work hard to be accepted by the gang and win the trust of its enigmatic boss, The Horse.


Rick Bacon's extensive screen credits include Alabama, Da Vinci's Demons, The Poison Tree, Cuckoo, The Silent and The Damned for Mammoth Screen, The Bible, New Tricks, The Queen, Being Human, The Canterbury Tales, The Last Flight to Kuwait, The Guilty, Downton Abbey and the award winning Cape Of Good Hope.

On stage he has worked for The Salisbury Playhouse, Northampton Royal and Derngate and Nottingham Playhouse.

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