Leila Hoffman: Prevenge at London Film Festival

Date - 13 October, 2016, All News Film Opening Nights
Leila Hoffman | Sainou Talent Agency London

Prevenge screens tonight at the London Film Festival, with Sainou’s Leila Hoffman.

“Kids today are spoiled, it’s like ‘mummy, I want a PlayStation; mummy, I want you to kill that man.’” Ruth is pregnant and full of murderous fury. Cloaked in ordinariness and with a sinister internal dialogue impelling her on, our highly cynical anti-heroine has a shape-shifting personality and a moral compass that’s gone AWOL.

Alice Lowe’s directorial debut starts as a dark comedy, and just keeps getting darker. Like Sightseers (London Film Festival 2012), which Lowe co-scripted and starred in, the film has an exhilarating sense of tonal incongruity, constantly wrong-footing any of its characters foolish enough to underestimate seemingly dour Ruth’s capacity for extreme behaviour. Directed and performed when Lowe herself was seven months pregnant, a state rarely presented onscreen by those actually experiencing it, Prevenge offers an insight – albeit a severe one – that goes far beyond hormonal havoc. What not to expect when you’re expecting.

Find out more about the film here.


Leila Hoffman is one of the UK's leading comedy actresses and her role of Mrs Treacher in How Not To Live Your Life has a huge fan base.

Other screen credits include Walter, Drifters, Bad Education, Doctor Who, Skins, Not Going Out and on film Pusher for Vertigo Films, Magician's, Felicia's Journey, The Witches and Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone.

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