Kay Stonham: Bad Salsa

Date - 7 July, 2014, All News Radio
Kay Stonham | Sainou Talent Agency London | Copyright (c) Elena Agafonavaite

Kay Stonham pens and features in Bad Salsa a new BBC radio 4 drama series centring on a group of women as they embrace the world of Latin American dancing whilst they adjust to life after cancer.

After treatment for Ovarian and breast cancer Chippy, is mad Jill is sad and Terri is definitely dangerous to know! The road back after cancer treatment can be tricky and full of obstacles. In Bad Salsa, two middle aged women and their younger friend seek to regain their zest for life and love by learning to dance at Bad Salsa, the club where everyone knows your name but no-one knows your prognosis!

Depictions of people with cancer on TV and radio too often follow a standard format; there is the diagnosis, the depression the chemo, then the false recovery followed by the tragic death.

Bad Salsa a tries to paint a picture at once more hopeful and more in line with survival rates which have improved immensely over the past twenty years. For many, ‘living with cancer’ is now their day to day challenge. The characters in the series have finished their treatment and are in the process of finding their way back to normal life or at least finding a “new normal.” As in the real world, the challenges of everyday life go on for our characters; like us they have boring marriages, distracting crushes, troublesome children, difficult workmates and infuriating parents, but unlike us their brush with mortality has given them a new perspective. The fun and excitement of the series is in watching them decide to preserve the pre-cancer status quo or in Terri’s words, to say “sod it all” and “go for it!”

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Kay's success both a comedy writer and actress has seen her feature in some of the most iconic comedy series' in recent years, including Harry Enfield and Chums, The Young Ones, The Lenny Henry Show, Dead Ringers, Shalom Joan Collins and Mr Love.

Kay has appeared in productions at the National Theatre, The Magistrate directed by Michael Rudman and Jacobovsky & The Colonel directed by Jonathan Lynn.

Kay's television success is only matched by her prolific radio career. As well as the creation of Audio Diaries, Kay has featured on many BBC Radio 4 productions, including The Alexei Sayle Show, series regular on Robin & Wendy's Wet Weekend, The Sardine Burial and The Moderniser.

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