Katy Reece and Nick Malinowski: Avo (Playdeo Studios)

Date - 10 February, 2019, All News Streaming Services

Katy Reece and Nick Malinowski star as Billie and Mallory in new media development app Avo. The series follows the story of Billie (Reece), a young inventor, and the avocado she’s brought to life. Avo is a game with a fantastical plot that unfolds, episode by episode like a TV show. Production company Playdeo’s new-to-world technology makes the space inside video playable for the first time – and creates a completely different kind of gameplay.

Playdeo makes television you can touch. Inventing technology and tools that make a new space inside video, that is playable, and that allow any form of interaction with video.
Playdeo’s founders Jack Schulze (co-founder and CEO); Timo Arnall (cofounder; filmmaker and photographer); and Nick Ludlam (co-founder; CTO) share a history of invention in visual media, product, technology and design.The team is made of developers, filmmakers, engineers, creatives, games designers, writers and animators.

‘It’s an important time for the fields we’re entering. Although television has seen massive changes — in distribution and writing especially — the primary experience of watching TV has remained the same for decades. By contrast, there’s never been a more exciting time for video, and for the camera: there isn’t a sensor, or set of signals more heavily under development than the camera’s. There is something out of step between our experience of television, and the inventive promise of the smartphone, and these emerging technologies.’

Avo is now available to to download via the apple app store.


Katy Reece plays the lead role of Trish in the feature film They Found Hell for Netflix.

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