Hattie Gotobed shoots Animal Shadows

Date - 25 July, 2016, All News Film

Hattie Gotobed shoots the role of Jade in upcoming independent thriller Animal Shadows directed by Michael Pearce.

Something evil is corroding the heart of Jersey; a serial killer has been terrorising the picturesque island for seven years. With the local police seemingly unable to stop him, the community is gripped by fear. Moll Huntford, a wedding photographer who still lives at home, has a private fascination with the murders, and suffers from disturbing nightmares in which she plays the victim. Smothered by a demanding family and at odds with the island’s conservative values, Moll lives a lonely existence, gasping for emotional oxygen.

At its heart, Beast is a love story trapped in horror film – a dark grown-up fairytale about a woman that comes to power by embracing the beast inside her. It’s a psychological thriller about the monsters out there and those that lie dormant within us.


Rising young star Hattie Gotobed is known for her roles in numerous feature films and television series including Jack and the Giant Slayer, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Snow White and the Huntsman and World War Z. Hattie plays Jade in the BFI drama feature Beast for Agile Films.

She plays Ghita in series 5 of the popular HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones.

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