Do you work with international Agents & Managers?
Yes we do. Depending on the individual needs of the clients, we have the contacts in LA and New York, as well as across Europe.

How do I make a request for a Personal Appearance?
If you’d like to check the availability of any of the clients for a Personal Appearance, please email office@sainou.com.

How do I send Fan Mail?
Please note, due to new Royal Mail legislation, we can no longer forward on fan mail which is addressed to our office. For all fan correspondence, please enclose an envelope containing your letter with the name of the client clearly indicated and correct postage added. We will then be able to send on your mail to our client.

Can I be represented by Sainou just for Voice Overs or Commercials?
Although we work extensively in voiceover and commercials, we do not currently represent actors solely in these fields.


There are currently no vacancies at Sainou.

(Updated September 2020)